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Sometimes you just don't know what to do with your life. Several clients that I have worked with struggled to find a way to balance their desires for a career change with the responsibilities of a family and the uncertainty that a career change might bring. Talking through the issues with someone who will listen and ask the right kind of questions can help you to get a sense of perspective and rekindle the excitement at the prospect of a career change. 

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“Stephen has helped me unlock answers to complex problems, and equipped me with valuable tools for managing the pressures and challenges of work. I have left every coaching session feeling lighter and happier. Also knowing what I need to do next, despite coming to the sessions feeling stumped and stuck! I cannot recommend Stephen enough!! If you're life is challenging (and who's isn't) you need coaching. And if you need coaching Stephen is the best. I've had 3 coaches and Stephen has been the most beneficial.”




There are many tools available to help to manage relationships, whether they are in the family or in work. 

Contact me and we can discuss helpful ways of helping you to moving forward.