About Me

I have worked in primary education since 1990. Firstly, as a classroom and senior teacher and from 2003 to 2014 as an IT project leader, Network Manager and Senior Member of staff in Ripple Primary School. I implemented the current coaching model used within the school and one of my responsibilities was Staff and Pupil Welfare.      

I especially love helping people of all ages to free themselves from unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. I have written an e-book that is now available that explores, in laymen's terms, people's behaviours and how to overcome them. You can read an extract on the homepage and you can download it here.

I am a committed Christian and co-lead a Fellowship Group. I am also a worship leader at the church that I attend. With my wife, we lead Marriage Preparation courses and have done so for over 20 years. 

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Full member of the Association for Coaching

Stephen Long MAC

- Full Member of the Association for Coaching MAC (2019-2020) 
- Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health by The University of Sydney on Coursera. The certificate earned January 2018
- Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisions by National Research University Higher School of Economics on Coursera. The certificate earned July 2016
- University Certificate in Psychology, Derby (2015)
- Positive Psychology by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Coursera. The certificate earned October 2015
- Personalised coaching with both professionals, businesses and the general public
- Identified Support Mentor for Harlow College (2015-2017)
- Member of the Chelmsford Diocesan Coaching Team for clergy (2015-2017)
- Powerchange GOLD Coach (Certificate earned 2007)
- Powerchange NLP Practitioner Coach (Certificate earned 2007)
- A wide range of coaching and psychology areas studied and implemented in CPD and therapy for clients 
- Expert in presentation techniques 
- Extensive work with teachers and teaching assistants
- Have worked in teaching with a wide range of educational experience (taught YR to Y6) 
- Over 660 hours CPD 
- Over 440 hours coaching




Please do read through the testimonial comments that are on this page and other pages on the website. They are from young people (the youngest was 10 at the time) to people much older.

All of them experienced wonderful changes in their lives. Almost no one has had more than a handful of sessions. Change for the better is possible but it will require both of us to make the effort.


Ready to change for the better? Contact me.



Non-executive - £50 per hour + travel expenses but this is open to negotiation if finances are difficult;

Executive - £150 per hour plus travel expenses. Minimum session: 2 hours.

Coaching has given me the ability to value my beliefs and self-worth and I now believe that I can achieve whatever I want to through determination and strength of mind. I have found the coaching to be extremely valuable and exciting way of exploring my feelings, aspirations and outlook on life.





I felt really positive after Monday’s session and it gave me a lot to think about (so much that I couldn’t sleep!!!!) I’m looking forward to session 2 on Monday.








Full Member of the Association for Coaching MAC